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Construction of the first prototype took four months. With the support of investors and several foreign contracts we were able to invest more resources and following on from that the final product was finished already after less than a year. Our team focused on complicated mathematical calculations of the products manufactured so that a microprocessor executing well-defined physical and mathematical calculations is the heart of the device. However, the device itself does not need to be complex as far as mechanics is concerned hence it is reliable and heavy-duty and at the same time it can achieve unmatched production capabilities. We invite you to watch the promotional video.

There is no disguising the fact that Simple Cut significantly reduces production costs. Not only does it considerably reduce the preparation time of pipes before their connection but also it lowers operating expenses. Elimination of transport costs of pipes and a possibility of operation of the device by one person is also an immense saving to the company.

When cutting thick-wall or large diameter pipes, Simple Cut has a considerable time advantage compared to the conventional cutting methods. Cutting a 320 mm diameter pipe with a wall 35 mm thick takes only four minutes while the conventional methods do not allow to do so in less than an hour.